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Chipproof cable carrier-igus Inc.

The RX energy tube is nearly 100% chipproof and airtight. Debris, such as metal or wood chips, simply falls off the carrier’s specially designed, smooth domed outer contour.

The tube is easily opened using a screwdriver to unscrew bolts on the outer radius of each link. A large interior space holds cables and hoses, which can be separated using vertical separators. A horizontal shelf safely routes cables and hoses, preventing abrasion.

The tube is available with an interior height up to 2.20 in., making it suitable for short, self-supporting lengths inside tooling machines. The chipproof carrier is also designed for use in reverse-bending-radius (RBR) applications. A high-temperature version, made from igumid HT, a high-temperature material, is available. With this version, even red-hot chips to 1,562°F fall off the tube rather than melt onto it.

igus Inc., Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914, (800) 521-2747,

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