Machine Design

Chrome Shaft Collars

Chrome-plated shaft collars come in a wide range of sizes to fit pipes, tubing, and shafts as stops and spacers or for mounting devices.


The collars come in bore sizes ranging from 1 /8 to 3-in. ID to fit 47 standard shaft sizes and six standard pipe sizes. They have stainless-steel clamping screws and can be drilled and tapped on the face or OD for mounting components, or supplied with flats and countersunk holes for securing pipe and tubing. Suitable for applications where appearance is important, the collars feature a smooth bore with a bright durable finish. They are offered in standard one and two-piece styles and can be customized to OEM design requirements with special threads, component mounting holes, knurls, flats, and other features.

Stafford Mfg. Corp., Box 2370, Woburn, MA 01888, (800) 695-5551,

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