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Machine Design

Coextrusion Dies

Series 220 coextrusion dies can make advanced profiles and seals from combinations of materials including rubber and other thermosets as well as various thermoplastics for aerospace, automotive, and construction products.

Series 220 tooling can extrude product sizes of 1.27 to 6.34 cm. Series 220 tooling provides simultaneous, directed material flow for a single product or multiple families of products that have the same identical material requirements, yet must be extruded in different end-use sizes.

A special design feature lets the extruded material pass through the tooling and prevents compound degradation as well as stagnation in the die. The material flow can be directed to various areas of the substrate to create a more precise end product. All flow passages are designed using 3D/CAD and proprietary flow analysis software. A precision shut-off valve regulates flow on the fly for the extruded seal, trim, or profile being made, eliminating downtime for die changes.

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