Machine Design

Coiled Fluorpolymer Tubing

Coiltef fluoropolymer tubing handles applications such as chemical transfer, laboratory and medical use, food and beverage lines, pure air and water transfer, robotics, adhesives and solvent delivery, and paintspray systems. Coiltef begins as standard,-straight-wall, semirigid tubing that is heat set into a permanent, retractable

coil with flexibility. Characteristics of the FEP fluoropolymer tubing include chemical, temperature, and corrosion resistance; nonstick and nonflammability benefits; high electrical insulation; and low gas permeability and chemical inertness. Coiltef handles viscous materials without line clogging, temperatures that are hundreds of degrees below freezing, and a wide variety of chemicals. The tubing is available in five sizes ranging from 1/16 to 3/8-in. tubing ID, and in 12, 24, 48, and 72-in. lengths.

NewAge Industries Inc.,
145 James Way, Southampton,
PA 18966, (800) 506-3924,

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