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Combination measurement system can touch and see

Quality-assurance inspectors must often use several different measurement techniques to get the data they need to evaluate a part or overall design. This wastes time as the same part has to be set up on separate gaging systems to take measurements. To streamline this task, along with other jobs that use coordinate measuring systems, Mahr Federal, Providence, R.I., has developed the Multiscope 222, a compact system that combines touch probe, machine vision, and laser sensors. It lets users choose between precise contact measurements and noncontact methods for difficult-to-reach features or parts which could be deformed or damaged by contact.

The scope's measurement range is 9.8 3 7.9 3 7.9 in., and it can handle parts that weigh up to 22 lb. Stage resolution is 0.5 microns, and the machine supports up to five axes when used with Mahr's articulating probe and rotary table. The $60,000 device uses Windows NT-based programming and has motor zoom, fast video focus, automatic feature recognition, online statistics, an automatic probe changer, and a touch trigger.

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