Machine Design

Communication Module for Allen-Bradley Interface

The ControlNet scheduled communications module works with Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus operator interface terminals and VersaView CE industrial computers.

It provides deterministic, repeatable communication that let users predict data transmission and guarantee its arrival at the same time, every time. Unlike ControlNet unscheduled communications, which use leftover bandwidth as it becomes available, ControlNet scheduled takes priority placement on a network's bandwidth, guaranteeing a signal will transmit within a specified time period. Users can now schedule how often controllers are updated. ControlNet scheduled communications with PanelView Plus terminals support more information than older PanelView models, with a messaging capacity of up to 6,144 bytes of input. It also supports multicast outputs, meaning users linking several controllers to a PanelView Plus or VersaView CE can use the same communication route for each controller. This reduces setup times and costs for establishing new communication routes for each additional controller.

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