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Compact Antenna For RFID

The LRP2000-23 Mini. is a compact long-range antenna offering 4 ft of read range when communicating with EMS LRP-L90140S RFID tags.

This reader/writer operates at the internationally recognized frequency standard of 13.56 MHz. The Mini works with tags using Phillips I-CODE SLI (ISO15693) chips with 112 bytes of memory. Setting up two of these antennas as a gate configuration lets tags be read through a 7-ft aisle at a height to 4 ft. Antennas can also mount alongside a conveyer to read multiple tags passing by on totes, pallets, or products. Typical applications are where product or cases move around a warehouse on a cart or hand truck.

Escort Memory Systems,
170 Technology Circle, Scotts Valley, CA 95066,
(831) 438-7000,

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