Machine Design

Compact DC Motor

Low-inertia, outer-rotor brushless dc motors combine precision stability


with the economical and lightweight advantages of plastic construction. They use a throughhole design and have optional drive electronics as well as encoders. At 4 V, the compact 1.85-in-diameter by 0.75-in.-tall motor draws less than 100 mA at 1,400 rpm. Its low-profile design provides a space-efficient, direct-coupling interface in many applications. Electrical connections are simplified by the use of terminals, and ball bearings provide for a rugged, long life. A variety of electrical and mechanical options are available, including windings for specific power requirements, custommounting configurations, and built-in encoder and drive electronics.

Servo Magnetics Inc.,
6660 Variel Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91303,
(818) 346-3113,

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