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Machine Design

Compact Digital Torque Meter

MCRT 48200V Series compact digital torque meters have no pots or switches, and need no manual adjustments.

The torque meters store calibration values, scaling, and units of measure in nonvolatile memory and automatically load these values when powered up. Any of 10 supported units of measure can be selected without recalibration.

These compact, noncontact devices have full-scale ranges from 25 to 10,000 lbf-in. (2.82 to 1,130 N-m) and come in two accuracy grades: 0.2% (Code N standard performance) and 0.15% (Code C enhanced performance). The torque meters output M10 or M5-Vdc analog signals and engineering unit data via com port. Other features include internal signal processing accurate to 14 bits, strain-gage sensing with 200% over-torque capacity, NIST traceable calibration, inherent noise tolerance, and optional speed pickup.

The MCRT 48200V Series includes software that runs on Windows-based PCs. It displays engineering units of current, peak, valley, and spread data; classifies limits; and does real-time plotting. The software also saves data to disk, stores test setup parameters, and archives calibration history. The torque transducers are suitable for control, laboratory, and production applications.

S. Himmelstein and Co., 2490 Pembroke Ave., Hoffman Estates, IL 60169, (847) 843-3300,

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