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Compact encoders - Posital

The Optocode encoders with interfaces for EtherNet/IP and Profinet IRT networks are ideal for motion-control applications requiring accuracy, precision, and reliability. For use in high-speed machines, the EtherNet/IP models incorporate an Ertec200 controller and have less than 20-msec cycle times, while the Profinet IRT models support 1-msec (isochronos real-time) and 10 msec (real-time) cycle times.

The EtherNet/IP versions have a built-in Ethernet switch and the Profinet version connects without terminating resistors or switches for address allocation or baud-rate setting. Angular resolution is 65,536 steps/rev (16 bits), while up to 16,384 revolutions (14 bits) can be registered in multiturn mode.

Posital, a unit of Fraba Inc., 1800 E. State St., Suite 148, Hamilton, NJ 08609, (609) 750-8705,

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