Machine Design

Compact motion-control system

MicroLynx from Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., Marlborough, Conn., is a motion-control system in a compact, panel-mounted assembly. A bipolar stepper-motor microstepping drive and a programmable indexer with expandable I/O and multiple communication ports run off one supply. MicroLynx4 runs at 12 to 48 Vdc with 3-A rms output and MicroLynx7 runs at 24 to 75 Vdc with 5-A rms output. MicroLynx lets users customize I/O. Six isolated 5 to 24-Vdc, general-purpose, programmable I/O lines with short-circuit protection are standard. Optional expansion modules can be added for a total of 24 lines. Two isolated, fully independent communication ports allow simultaneous use of RS-232, RS-485, and CAN. Features include open and close-loop stepper control, flexible instruction set, no additional heat sink required at full output power, programmable current settings, and programmable filtering on inputs. The MicroLynx is suitable for industrial electrical environments and applications such as packaging, semiconductor, labeling, inspection, engraving, and material handling.

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