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Compact Parallel-Precision Grippers

Series GRA compact precision grippers operate on 30 to 120-psi air pressure and at –20 to 180°F. They return to within ±0.0004 in. of the original position over their 10 million-cycle life without additional lubrication. A jaw-guide system minimizes jaw “free-play” and deflection while parallel motion and H7-tolerance dowel-pin holes ensure accurate alignment.

Size 6 grippers have 0.158-in. travel and close with 2.55-lb force at 87 psi. Size 10 grippers have 0.197-in. travel and 8.2 lb of close force. Size 16 grippers have 0.354-in. travel and close with 18.2-lb force. Size 20 grippers travel 0.512 in. and have 27.7-lb close force. All units come with internal speed control.

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