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Motion System Design
Companion Component: Tensioners

Companion Component: Tensioners

Idler sprockets

Idlers effectively create accurate tension in a chain drive.

Features & benefits

  • Eliminate whipping action sometimes found in drives with long centers; if chain continues to run loose it will wear at an increased rate

  • Prevent added wear to bearings as a result of shock loading caused by loose chain

  • Acquire proper chain tension when shafts in use are not adjustable

  • Establish approximately 120° chain wrap around a small sprocket

  • Available in bronze bushed, bronze bearing, needle bearing with hardened teeth, ball bearing with hardened teeth, and ball bearing with non-metallic teeth

Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc.

(817) 258-3000
Circle 151

Adjustable pitch sheave

MVS adjustable pitch, heavy-duty sheave is designed for use with A, B, 3- and 5-V belts.

Features & benefits

  • Designed for up to 40 hp at 1,750 rpm

  • Each turn on adjustment screw moves flange by 1/16 in.

  • Bores from 1⅛ to 2⅛ in., depending on model

  • O.D. from 5.118 to 9.055 in.


(800) 463-8928
Circle 152

Belt, chain tensioners

Zetasassi line of belt and chain tensioners improves performance in industrial automation applications by keeping constant tension in belt and chain drive systems.

Features & benefits

  • Transmit torque more efficiently; decrease wear

  • Spring-loaded Econobelt tensioners, in rotational and linear movement types, adjust tension on chain or belt

  • Easy to install and maintenance-free

  • Offer 23% increase in chain life, 7% reduction in vibrations, and 12% reduction in noise

  • Reduce chain slackening

Quality Transmission Components, Div. of Designatronics Inc.

(516) 437-6700
Circle 153

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