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Companion Spotlight: Springs & Retainers

Spring washers

CloverSpring SPEC spring washers offer more deflection than Belleville and disc spring washers for use with rotary bearings.

Features & benefits

  • Can be stacked
  • Available in stainless steel or carbon steel
  • O.D. from 0.250 to 1.07 in; I.D. from 0.125 to 0.505 in.
  • Load at H1 ranges from 6.1 to 493.3 lb

Associated Spring-Raymond, Barnes Group Inc.
(800) 345-7732
Circle 151

Wave springs

Single-turn and multi-turn wave springs feature coiled flat wire with waves added to give a spring effect and provide lower work heights with the same force as coil springs.

Features & benefits

  • Act as load bearing devices; compensate for accumulated tolerances in assemblies and provide endplay take-up

  • Exert force or preload on assemblies to the low side of tolerances, to “snug” components; also give when parts are made to high side of tolerances

  • Ideal for short deflection applications with low to medium forces

  • Offered in many waves and material thicknesses; designed for a wide range of bore and rod diameters

  • Suit narrow radial wall dimensions, light duty, and low clearance applications and ball or roller bearing applications

Rotor Clip Co. Inc.
(732) 469-7333
Circle 152

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