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Composite bearings pack big punch in compact cylinders

The K Series line of metric cylinders from the Numatics Actuator Group, Franklin, Tenn., provides high levels of performance and system control in a compact package. To keep these double and single-acting cylinders small and protect the switches, there are recessed grooves that let the switches fit flush with the cylinder body. For performance, the cylinders use bearings made of a composite material. The composite's three layers include a steel backing for load-carrying capacity, a porous bronze inner layer for thermal conductivity and to hold a reservoir of lubricant, and a PTFE/lead overlay for low friction. The cylinders use one-piece ring magnets to trigger the reed switch. These magnets have no gaps in their magnetic field strengths, so performance is more consistent and precise.

The K Series is available with a variety of mounting options. For example, its extruded aluminum tubing has threaded and through-hole mounting for design flexibility. They are also compatible with standard ISO 6431/VDMA 24562 mounting hardware. They come in single-rod, double-rod, double-acting, spring-return, spring-extending, and guided configurations. Bores range from 12 to 100 mm. They are pressure rated to 150 psig and the seals, made of Buna N and urethane, maintain integrity in temperatures from 0 to 175F.

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