Machine Design

Compression-Fitting Nuts

A new line of stainless-steel compression-fitting nuts is said to eliminate problems of inconsistent remakes or product galling during the assembly of stainless-steel tubing systems.

The Moly Inside! Nut's bonded coating of molybdenum disulfide acts as a barrier between the nut and fitting-body threads to prevent galling. The coating also serves as a lubricant so fittings can be installed with less torque. The nuts are for use on the A-Lok or CPI brands of Parker compression fittings. The A-Lok fittings nut is silver-plated stainless steel and the CPI fitting nut is coated overall with "moly," while the Moly Inside! Nut is coated only on the inside.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Instrumentation Products Div.,
1005 A Cleaner Way,
Huntsville, AL 35805,
(256) 881-2040,

TAGS: Fasteners
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