Machine Design

Compression sealing system

Avseal II is a compression sealing system that plugs holes in thin metal components located in restricted areas.

The two-piece structural locking mechanism seals 4 to 20-mm-diameter holes in steel, iron, and aluminum. The system installs high and low-pressure seals in 2 sec in engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission components, brake systems, compressors, hydraulic blocks, and pumps. Avseal II eliminates preliminary processes such as reaming and tapping, extra sealant, and torque-controlled tools. Features include a zinc-plated steel mandrel crimped for easy installation with standard handheld tools and high-speed automation equipment, and a tapered plug stem for ease of entry into tooling equipment.

Textron Fastening Systems, 840 W. Long Lake Rd., Suite 450, Troy, MI 48098, (800) 544-6117,

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