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Machine Design

Constant-Torque Hinges

Cema ST Series of constant-torque hinges provide precise positioning in a variety of applications.

Their reliable positioning torque eliminates the need for secondary mechanical supports. And their slim profile accommodates narrow packaging designs ranging from handheld electronics and portable computer displays to medical equipment and automotive video screens. The all-metal hinges feature hardened steel components to ensure performance and long life. They come in a range of sizes and torque values — 0.35 kg-cm (0.3 lbf-in.) up to 51 kg-cm (44 lbf-in.). Maximum working loads range from 200 N (45 lb/f) to 1,200 N (270 lb/f) depending on size.

Southco, Box 0116, 210 N. Brinton Lake Rd., Concordville, PA 19331, (610) 459-4000,

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