Motion System Design

Contactless energy transfer system resists interference

A new contactless energy transfer system by drive technology supplier SEW-Eurodrive, Lyman, S.C., does not cause electromagnetic interference and is insensitive to outside influences. Called Movitrans, it has been EMC tested according to BGV B11 for use as a power supply for transport systems in logistics centers, floor conveyors, automatically guided vehicle systems, and conveyor trolleys.

The system uses inductive energy transfer: Electrical energy transfers from a conductor in a fixed installation to one or more mobile loads without contact. Electromagnetic coupling is realized via an airgap and does not wear, making it maintenance-free.

The system offers a 20-mm effective airgap between the line cable and pick-up. In addition, compact designs in the stationary converter, transformer module, and mobile pick-up units simplify installation into the control cabinet.

As a one-source drive, Movitrans features constant 25-kHz sinusoidal current and voltage drops to 500 Vdc. The system contains both mobile and stationary components.

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