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Controller For DC Electronic Fastening

The Kappa controller verifies that the correct number of dc electronic fasteners is installed to specification.

It measures torque and compares it to quality limits, whereas other methods (using current) only estimate torque. The Kappa controller is compatible with the full range of QPM dc electric tools, from 0.6 to 2,000 Nm and higher. A single dc electric tool can be set-up to assemble joints of different target torque levels — unlike air tools, which require separate tools for each torque level. Kappa features include a large display with softkey navigation, a parameter wizard to ease setup, and embedded toolbox software that runs on a Web browser and lets users analyze tightening results fed from the controller.

Stanley Assembly Technologies, 5335 Avion Park Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 44143, (440) 461-5500,

TAGS: Fasteners
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