Machine Design

Controllers Simplify Tough Jobs

The 3508 (1/8 DIN) and 3504 (1/4 DIN) controllers are built for demanding, high-accuracy, single-loop control applications.


They rely on advanced control algorithms and high-resolution inputs, which give virtually “straight-line” control. To make them easy to use, a text-message display is supported by configuration software. This lets users know the exact name of parameters being set and lets them save time commissioning the unit. A manual is no longer needed as a reference. Users can customize the text on the controller for English, French, or German.

The units can be programmed from front-panel IR connections without disturbing controller operation. The device stores up to 50 setpointprograms, each of which can provide control sequencing. Because these controllers incorporate a number of standard function blocks, they can replace a number of other process-control components such as timers, programmable controllers, and single-loop temperature controllers.

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