Motion System Design

Controlling virtual reality

Virtual reality is not just a thing of the future for control engineers who can design, simulate, and validate automated systems in a virtual, 3D environment with Delmia V5R15 Automation. This new product by Dassault Systèmes is a complete system that encompasses Automation LCM Studio, Automation Smart Device Builder, Automation Controlled System Simulator, and Automation Control PLC Setup.

Delmia Automation can act as stand-alone programming for PLCs using the languages defined in the IEC6113-3 standard or can be deployed as a complete automation solution integrating mechanical, electrical, and control design data in a 3D environment. It validates and improves the internal behavior of control systems.

Reducing product launch time by identifying control logic errors through evaluation of PLC programs allows pre-commissioning of the PLC logic and program. This reduces development time, manpower costs,and capital investment, while increasing total factory productivity.

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