Machine Design

Controlnet PCI Cards

The 1784-PCIC and 1784-PCICS ControlNet PCI cards detect and quickly adapt to varying voltage amounts, so they can work on virtually any industrial or personal computer using a PCI bus.

This capability lets almost any computer in the factory environment take advantage of contemporary networking technologies. The voltage of the 1784-PCIC and the 1784-PCICS cards is based on the standard PCI bus commonly found today in both industrial and personal computers, so users can link their applications to any ControlNet network. The ControlNet PCI Bus Bridge card has a total of 128 connections, 127 of which can be scheduled. Once scheduled connections are established, the card guarantees sufficient data buffers to reestablish these connections if they are broken. Both cards support redundant media operation.

ControlNet is an open control network built on a single, media-independent platform — the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) — that also includes EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet. As a result, the CIP networks work together to provide seamless communication from the plant floor through the enterprise with a scalable, futureproof, and coherent architecture. The cards also feature robust scheduled connected message handling, scheduled multicast connection establishment, and are tolerant of connection changes to the ControlNet tap and trunk cable. Both ControlNet PC cards have the ability to work with Rockwell Software RSLinx server software, and the 1784-PCICS card includes scanner functionality, which lets users control I/O with SoftLogix PC-based control software. Drivers are also available for Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems.

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