Machine Design

Converters For Motor Control

A trio of converters for current and voltage monitoring, optical encoder feedback, and resolver-to-digital conversion are now available.

The AD7266 is the industry's fastest simultaneous-sampling, dual-channel, 12-bit SAR (successive approximation) ADC, with throughput rates up to 2 MSPS. The IC's analog input architecture and signal ranges interface with popular, off-the-shelf optical encoders. The chip consumes 20 mW, less than one-half that of other 2-MSPS simultaneous-sampling ADCs. The AD7400 features 12-bit linearity and sample rates up to 20 MSPS. It uses iCoupler technology for isolated, highspeed data rates with low power. Inputs are optimized for monitoring current through shunt resistors, while protecting digital communication lines with a 3.75-kV isolation barrier. And the AD2S1200 contains a 12-bit resolution tracking resolver and a programmable sinusoidal oscillator that provides sine-wave excitation. Other key features include a fault-detection circuit that detects loss of resolver signals, out-of-range input signals, input signal mismatch, or loss of position tracking.

Analog Devices Inc.,
3 Technology Way, Norwood, MA 02062,
(781) 937-1945,

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