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Copolyester is the Clear Choice for Maytag

Refrigerator manufacturers such as Maytag Corp., Galesburg, Ill., demand materials that provide strength, clarity, and chemical resistance for meat bins and crisper trays. Eastar K2000 copolyester from Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn., provides an alternative to polycarbonate resin which is frequently used to mold the components.

As strong as polycarbonate, Eastar K2000 can be used in almost any clear appliance part. The resin’s molecular structure helps it resist attack from fatty acids and oils. Contamination from fatty acids in butter, for example, can cloud and eventually weaken polycarbonate trays. The bins can be molded “water-clear” or with a slight gray tint, depending on the refrigerator model.

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