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Machine Design

Custom Alloys

Custom alloy service can provide a wide variety of alloys for research or product design.

The company uses numerous methods for the manufacture of alloys, the composition of which can be specified in atomic or weight percent. The alloys can be melted under air, vacuum, or inert gas, and the range of compositions is virtually unlimited. Many of these special alloys can take the form of foils as thin as 0.5 m, depending on alloy composition. Tight tolerances are a specialty. Where the composition of the alloy permits, standard or special alloys can be produced in a variety of forms including wires, tubes, and rods. Wires can be as fine as 0.004-mm diameter and tubes can be as small as 0.2-mm outside diameter.

Goodfellow Corp., 237 Lancaster Ave., Suite 252, Devon, PA 19333, (800) 821-2870,

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