Machine Design

Custom cylinders

L Series air cylinders feature precision components, self-lubricating bronze bearings, nitrile seals, and PTFE-filled grease for low start-up and running friction, and long life.

They reportedly deliver more power in a smaller package than comparable pancake or compact cylinders. A smooth exterior traps no dirt or grease. The cylinders incorporate thick-walled, anodized aluminum housing and caps. Rods are chrome-plated 303 stainless steel. Hardened 302 stainless steel retaining wires are used for assembly. The cylinders are metric sized (bore and rod) with inch or metric mounts and ports. Bores range from 12 to 101 mm in a wide range of strokes, and have a 250-psi maximum operating pressure. The cylinder's 100% machined design makes them easily customized.

1307 S. Highway 11
Walhalla, SC 29691
(800) 229-4955

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