Machine Design

Custom-Welded And Cast Stand-Offs

Custom-welded and cast stand-offs are available in carbon steel and aluminum for most industrial applications, and in stainless steel for medical and semiconductor automation processes.

Modifications are available to Misumi stand offs, such as riser plates, custom hole patterns and surface treatments.

Stand-offs mount peripheral devices. Because more than one stand-off frequently is required in an automation cell, parallelism is accurate within 0.002 in. over a 6-in. run. The welded and cast stand-offs are purchased either in standard sizes or configurable to 0.010-in. increments. Fully configurable stand-offs are available in six days for as little as $59.70/piece.

Misumi USA Inc.,
1105 Remington Rd., Suite B, Schaumburg, IL 60173,
(800) 681-7475,

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