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Cyclemotor Kit from Neodymics Turns Any Bike into an Electric Moped

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The Cyclemotor kit from Neodymics, Madison, Wis. (, can turn any standard 26 or 27-in. bicycle into a 1-hp moped that can cruise at up to 28 mph. The one-piece kit contains all that is needed for the conversion, including batteries, brushless-hub motor, transmission, drive electronics, controls, and a shock absorber and simple suspension. All the components are assembled into a single 40-lb unit that attaches via three quick-release latches to the front fork of the bike, replacing the front wheel with a 16-in. powered wheel. Most of the 40 lb are mounted low, so the center of gravity, along with handling and stability, improves.

The bike’s battery pack recharges in about an hour and when fully charged provides a 10-mile range at 26 mph or a 20-mile range at 17 mph. The pack withstands over 2,000 charges. And the bike’s pedals still work, so the rider can always augment or replace electric power with muscle power. Riders control the motor via a thumb-activated dial, and they can switch between two gears: one for climbing hills and the other for high-speed cruising.

The kit includes a parallelogram-linkage suspension with shock absorber. They smooth out potholes and bumps. There’s also an optional front faring that protects the hardware and rider from wind and rain. Even without the faring, the motor and transmission are sealed against water and dirt.

The Cyclemotor should cost between $500 and $1,000 when it goes into production.

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