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Machine Design

Data-Acquisition System

The DI-718B Series combines isolated amplifiers with the ability to record to secure-digital (SD) memory cards.

The 14-bit, eight-channel instrument either streams data to a PC or collects data as a stand-alone data logger and comes with either USB or Ethernet interface. The DI-8B modules integrate with DI-718B providing fully functional, isolated analog signal conditioners.

The DI-718B measures 5.4 X 4.1 X 1.5 in. (14 X 11 X 4 cm). Analogto-digital conversion resolution is 14 bits at a maximum throughput rate of 14,400 samples/sec. For PC-tethered systems, data streams back to the PC at 4,800 samples/sec. An ActiveX Control library permits access to DI-718B functions using Windows programming languages such as VisualBASIC and C++.

Dataq Instruments Inc., 241 Springside Dr., Akron, OH 44333, (330) 668-1444,

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