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DC-DC Converter w/20kV isolation

The DIO 122 is a dual-output, high-voltage isolated dc-dc converter developed for high-power gate drivers and similar applications in oil and gas, mining, medical, railway, and industrial environments.

It is corona-free at 12 kVrms (minimum) and each unit is Hi-POT tested for 20-kVrms isolation. Typical operating voltage potential from primary to secondary is 6.5 to 10 kVrms. Both outputs are regulated and have individual current limiting and short-circuit protection. The 120-W converter provides 20 Vdc at 3 A from each output. A higher number of outputs are available on custom versions. Input voltage range is from 44 to 56 Vdc and operates from 0 to 50°C without derating. The openframe package measures 4 X 12 X 2.75 in. and weighs 2.4 lb.

Absopulse Electronics Ltd., 110 Walgreen Rd., Ottawa, Ont. K0A 1L0, Canada, (613) 836-3511,

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