Motion System Design

Design by objective

High-speed actuator

KLM actuator achieves high accuracy with an optic linear encoder, caged ball LM guide, and linear motor.

Features & benefits

  • Operates at speeds to 2 m/sec and accelerations to 4.7 g

  • Direct drive and fully closed control

  • Positioning accuracy of 10 µm/500 mm and positioning repeatability of ±0.3 µm

  • Synthetic resin cage with curvature cradles each ball and separates it from the next

THK America Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.
(800) 763-5459
Circle 171

Bearing greases

Isoflex LDS 18 special A and NBU 15 withstand high speeds and offer corrosion protection and resistance to oxidation, aging, and water.

Features & benefits

  • LDS 18 is light; used for long term and low noise at low temperatures and high speeds

  • Biodegradable LDS 18 consists of ester oil, mineral oil, and lithium soap

  • NBU 15 offers high pressure absorption on high-speed plain and rolling bearings

  • NBU is resistant to wear and ambient media; contains ester oil, synthetic hydrocarbon oil, mineral oil, and barium complex soap

Klüber Lubrication
Londonderry, N.H.
(603) 647-4104
Circle 172

Brushless motor

EC-10 brushless motor is compact, electrically commutated for long life, and available with or without hall effect sensors for fast-running, high-powered applications.

Features & benefits

  • Speeds to 80,000 rpm

  • Continuous output power of 8 W

  • Neodymium magnets provide mechanical time constant of 3.5 msec

  • Coils on outside of rotor provide heat dissipation and high overload capability

Maxon Precision Motors
Fall River, Mass.
(650) 697-9614
Circle 173

Linear slides

Screw-driven RGS 10000 slides offer high linear speeds, accurate positioning, and long life because they are not limited by critical screw speed.

Features & benefits

  • Handle dynamic axial loads to 100 lb at speeds of more than 60 in./sec

  • 0.100, 0.200, 0.500, and 1-in. standard leads

  • Precision aluminum guide and carriage

  • Compact, self-contained, and backlash and maintenance-free

Kerk Motion Products
Hollis, N.H.
(603) 465-7227
Circle 174

Magnetic rotary sensors

New 13-bit magnetic rotary sensors provide zero-wear operation at high speeds with multiple outputs and choice of chip, chip-on-board, or ready-to-mount models.

Features & benefits

  • 8,192 counts/rev

  • 0.3° positioning accuracy at high acceleration/deceleration with speeds to 30,000 rpm

  • Solid-state, non-contact design with integrated circuit chip senses position of separate two-pole permanent magnet

  • Absolute, incremental, analog, digital, and simultaneous SSI and incremental outputs

  • -40° to 125° C; resist shock and vibration

Renishaw Inc.
Hoffman Estates, Ill.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 175

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