Machine Design

Deskside Computer Comes With Two Graphic Cards

Silicon Graphics Prism deskside system packs up to 24 Gbytes of memory and two full bandwidth graphics pipelines.

Leveraging single or dual Intel Itanium 2 processors, the new system handles complex calculations locally, thus easing the burden placed on compute servers.

The two graphic pipelines support dual projection and stereo viewing. Users can drive displays with up to 10 million combined pixels. The dual ATI FireGL graphics processors can simultaneously serve four full bandwidth channels. The computer can run IRIX applications with significant performance improvements over prior systems. And QuickTransit software runs IRIX applications concurrently with Linux applications. Quick-Transit, from Transitive Corp., provides an improvement in price/performance without the need for recompiling applications. The computer is capable of scaling up to 16 graphics pipelines, 6.1-Tbytes memory and 256 processors. Prices start about $8,500.


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