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DeviceNet-compliant motion-control modules

Micro Mo Electronics Inc., Clearwater, Fla., offers DeviceNet-compliant MVP motion-control modules in complete kit form. Included is a motion-control module (with integrated linear or PWM amplifier), power supply, demo software, instruction manual, cabling, and an encoder with a motor or gearmotor. The MVP 2001 can communicate through RS-232, RS-485, or DeviceNet protocols. An optional Macro programming module lets complete motion routines be downloaded for free-standing operation. Only one Macro module is needed to operate up to 63 axes of motion in applications such as conveyors, material-handling and packaging equipment, dispensing machines, inspection systems, and semiconductor-processing equipment. The system comes with a Visual Basic demo software package that supports all standard features. Included are example routines for initialization, status detection, flow control, and diagnostics.

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