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Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

The Type N838 diaphragm vacuum pumps handle air and gases in a quiet, smooth-running, and compact package. The pumps come in single and multistage OEM models powered by ac, dc, or brushlessdc (BLDC) motors.

The unit’s multiport valve system uses a circular valve disk spanning several smaller holes (instead of one large hole) to minimize deformation from stress, resist damage from condensate, and promote enhanced flow and increased efficiency. The unit’s FEAdesigned structured molded diaphragm eliminates the metal clamping disk that can leak or corrode in conventional pump models.

Features of the pumps include a closed compressor housing designed to minimize noise (an optional silencer can be specified for applications requiring extremely quiet operation); high pneumatic capacity; flow rates up to 42 lpm/head under atmospheric conditions, ultimate vacuum of 100 mbar abs. (27-in. Hg), and 7-psig maximum continuous pressure.

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