Machine Design

Differential Drivers

The ADA4937-1 and ADA4938-1 differential drivers have distortion levels 10 dB lower than comparable drivers.

The drivers are optimized to drive high-performance analog-to-digital converters from dc to 100 MHz. The improved performance, when used in wireless equipment, translates into higher data rates with fewer errors. When used in data-acquisition systems, data collection is faster and more accurate.

The ADA4937-1 for 3 to 5-V supplies, excels at low distortion, hitting –120/–102 dBc at 10 MHz, –98/–100 dBc at 40 MHz, and –84/–90 dBc at 70 MHz. Comparing figures for the ADA4938-1, for 5 to 10-V supplies, are –112/–108-dBc distortion at 10 MHz, –96/–93 dBc 30 MHz, and –79/–81 dBc at 50 MHz in dual supply applications. An internal common-mode feedback architecture lets the output common-mode voltage be controlled by an externally applied voltage. This architecture bridges the output and input range of the ADC and eliminates the need for an ac coupling.

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