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Machine Design

Digital Controller Card

The VT-HACD-1 digital amplifier reportedly simplifies programming pressure, flow, and positional functions for many closedloop, hydraulicdrive applications.

It accepts analog voltage/current and digital SSI or incremental feedback, with control algorithms optimized for hydraulic axes. The card is preprogrammed for a variety of servo and proportional valves and includes 32 predefined function blocks to allow sophisticated control. It supports six software-switchable analog inputs, three analog outputs, eight programmable digital inputs, and seven configurable digital outputs. The VT-HACD-1 can also be used as a command value generator for processing and scaling signals. Packaged in standard Eurocard format, the VT-HACD-1 includes an alphanumeric display, pushbuttons for entering commands and diagnostics, status LEDs, analog test jacks, and a serial interface. The card also supports CANopen fieldbus.

Bosch Rexroth Corp., 2315 City Line Rd., Lehigh Valley, PA 18002, (610) 694-8300,

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