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Digital microscopes 16-bit resolution - Keyence Corporation of America

 The VHX-600 Generation II digital microscope features 16-bit imaging resolution, which makes subtle color differences visible, and optimizes previously too dark or bright areas. Brightness range increases from 256 to 65,536 levels. 3CCD color clarity improves from 16 million to over 2.8 trillion colors.
With the high dynamic range function (HDR), the advanced high-performance graphic engine creates images in 16-bit gradation using RGB data from each pixel.
The microscope also features the Double’R automatic lens/zoom-recognition system, a combination of advanced sensor technology and accumulated microscopy/optical expertise. This lets the VHX recognize in real time which lens is mounted to the camera and what magnification is being used. Calibration adjusts automatically whenever magnification is changed. Magnification for 3D observation is no longer necessary.
Features of the unit include depth-of-field at least 20 times greater than conventional microscopes; 3CCD handheld camera includes a pixel-shift actuator with ultrahigh resolution of up to 54 million pixels; flicker-free progressive scan method for texture expression and color reproduction, and a wide selection of high-resolution, leading-edge RZ optical design zoom lenses, with up to 5000× magnification, is available.
Keyence Corporation of America, 50 Tice Blvd., Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677, (888) 539-3623,

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