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Machine Design

Digital Pressure Sensor

The DP-100 pressure sensor features a dualdisplay design.

The main screen displays the current value and has three colors: Off: Green (or Red); On: Red (or Green): and Set: Orange (for functionality). A subscreen displays either the threshold value or it can be customized to display any four characters. The threshold can be adjusted without hitting a mode key. Pressure ranges are -14.7 to 14.7 psi for low pressure (DP-101) and -14.6 to 145.0 psi for high pressure (DP-102). The standard unit (DP-101/DP-102) has two discrete outputs (npn or pnp) and a multifunction version (DP-101A/DP-102A) has one discrete output (npn or pnp) and one output for an analog output (1 to 5 Vdc) or autoreference/remote zero-adjust input. The piping specification/port will have three choices: R1/8 male thread, NPT 1/8 male thread, or G1/8 male thread, all come with a M5 female thread.

Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America, 629 Central Ave., Providence, NJ 07974, (908) 464-3550,

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