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Digital Scope Increases Capture Time

WaveJet digital oscilloscopes come in both two and four-channel versions with bandwidths of 100, 200, 350, and 500 MHz with 500 kpts/channel memory.

The maximum sample rate is 2 Gsamples/sec (100 Gsamples/sec in equivalent sampling mode) and sports a 250- sec capture time at the maximum sampling rate.

The oscilloscope includes a 7.5-in. color display and USB connectivity with fast boot times and an auto-setup feature. The front panel provides one-touch access to the horizontal, vertical, and trigger menus, while pushbutton knobs automatically set delay, offset, and trigger level. Color-matched channel LEDs indicate which channel is active and whether it is controlling the math or zoom traces. A roll mode displays variations in low-speed signals while an averaging acquisition mode eliminates the effects of noise or spurious events. Page mode scrolls through a history of waveform captures to isolate glitches, runts, or other signal abnormalities, and displays what happened before or after that event.

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