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DIN Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks

The Topjobs Series of DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks uses the Cage Clamps spring-pressure connection technology.

This technology lets solid wire, tinbonded wire, or ferruled-stranded wire to be connected by inserting the wire into the clamping mechanism (no tools required), as well as connecting all wire types via a simple screwdriver actuation. The blocks offers a 30% reduction in size, 50% reduction in wiring time, and cost-effective features such as dual jumper slots with push-in comb-style jumpers and a center marking strip on a continuous reel. The Series offers also offers a modular test-plug accessory for easy troubleshooting, three marking positions per terminal block, and an enlarged wire opening to accept the maximum-rate awg with a ferrule.

Capable of terminating 28 to 4 awg, the blocks are rated at 600 V and up to 87 A. They come in two, three, and four conductor feedthrough or grounding terminal blocks, and are constructed of flame-resistant UL94V-0 polyamide 6.6 insulating housing, copper alloy current bar, and a stainless-steel clamping mechanism. A 28-12-awg version is available from stock.

Wago Corp.,
N120 W19129 Freistadt Rd., Germantown, WI 53022,
(800) 346-7245,

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