Machine Design

Direct Machining From CAD

A new CNC controls cutting machines and robots directly from CAD/CAM software


. The Direct Machining And Control (DMAC) system drives the machine or robot much like a computer drives a printer. A pull-down menu activates the machine and the part is created from the original geometry without going through postprocessing conversions. The DMAC Control is PC based and uses an open architecture. Also included are a digital and analog-drive inter-face, high-speed Nurbs interpolation, advanced motion planning, and multiaxis force control. The system has been installed on both three and five-axis machining centers as well as on large clay milling machines for the automotive-design industry. Two configurations are available: DM-1 includes DMAC software, HMI interface, and drive/I/O interface and DM-1x has DMAC software preinstalled on a dual-processor PC with an HMI console that includes a 17-in. LCD monitor.

Direct Controls Inc., 5314 N 250 W, Suite 315, Provo, UT 84604, (801) 426-9313,

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