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Machine Design

Disconnect Test Terminal Blocks

Together with the appropriate test adapters, WTL 4/2 STB Disconnect Test terminal blocks open the busbar in the terminal and let the adapter make contact with a single action.

The design assures continuous operation of the circuit during the test procedure. The order in which disconnect and contact is made is determined by the length of the color-coded plastic lug on the test adapters. The devices have a touch-safe design, and the combi-foot works with TS-32 and TS-35 DIN-rail mountings. A screwdriver connects the test cable with the test adapter. The units are UL rated at 300V, 8A, and 26-10 awg.

Weidmuller, 821 Southlake Blvd., Richmond, VA 23236, (804) 794-2877,

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