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Dual-Channel Pressure Sensor

The dual-channel pressure sensor measures pressures up to 4,000 psia or 275 bar. The sensor’s 6.5-oz maximum aluminum housing is designed to minimize weight and reduces installation time as only one sensor is needed for two measurements.

The sensor uses media-isolated, oil-filled, piezoresistive (PRT) sensing technology for operation in harsh, flight-critical environments with a typical 300,000-hr MTBF at nominal operating temperatures. Channel pressures are independent of one another, allowing each channel to be calibrated with different pressure outputs based upon the application-specific requirement of the aircraft platform. Burst pressure is nearly two times the URL, and the operating temperature is -67 to 257°F.

The sensor operates on 5 to 15 Vdc and provides a nonamplified 0 to 100-mV output at 10-Vdc excitation. Sensor accuracy is ±1% of full-scale output over an 0 to 200°F operating range.

Applications include landing gear and control-surface hydraulic systems as well as oil and fuel systems for commercial, civil/regional, and military aircraft.

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