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Machine Design

Dual-Voltage AC Drive

The VFD05-D230-PCM Volts/Hertz ac drive features an isolated front end,


minimum speed adjustment potentiometer, dc injection braking, and automatic or manual restarts. The dual voltage, isolated inverter can accept a speed reference signal without a separate isolation card. It works with a variety of motors up to 1.5 hp including 3-phase induction, single-phase permanent split capacitor (PSC), shaded pole and synchronous. A “doubling” jumper can be set to output 230 Vac to a motor when only a 115 Vac power supply is available. If automatic restart is selected, the inverter restarts after low-voltage faults or power loss when input voltage is restored to a minimum level. Another jumper selectable option is dc injection braking or coast-to-stop. Customizing the brake time and current is easy with adjustable trimmer pots.

Minarik Drives,
905 E. Thompson Ave., Glendale, CA 91201,
(800) 646-2745,

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