Machine Design

Electric Linear Actuators

New SLME electromechanical linear actuators feature a precision-rolled, fine-pitch ball screw and recirculating ball-bearing guide

to deliver positioning accuracy to ±0.01 mm and repeatability to ±0.005 mm. Steel U-shape guide rails provide high rigidity in all directions. The guiding surface is ground into the steel body. This eliminates the need for separate internal guiding rails and permits smaller, more-compact designs.

The actuators are available with two-ball (Sizes 23 and 30) and four-ball tracks (Size 46). Each ball has four contact points to handle dynamic loads to 27 kN and moments to 1,410 Nm, while providing smooth operation. Two different screw leads and precision ratings are offered per frame size. Raydent surface treatment prevents rust and corrosion, and an optional dust cover protects against contamination. The units are suited for applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, laboratory automation, and electronic-component assembly. Typical uses include wafer handling, chip bonding, dispensing equipment, indexing systems, and vision inspection.

Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788, (800) 99-Festo,

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