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Electric linear actuators - Moog Industrial Group

Electric linear actuators are designed as an alternative to hydraulic actuation. The actuators feature a ball-screw design that translates rotational motion to linear motion inside the servoactuator.
Three new models are offered: Standard, flexible, and preengineered. The standard version is for use with most linear-actuation applications. It features a small footprint, 70-kN maximum force, 640 mm/sec rod speeds, and an absolute encoder for transmitting position and feedback data.
The flexible model is for higher forces, rod speeds, and longer strokes. Features include longer strokes; in-line and foldback design; motor windings tailored to meet application-specific needs; 115.59-kN maximum force; and 1,600-mm/sec rod speeds.
The preengineered option include both the standard and flexible packages. Each package includes a servoactuator, servodrive, and commissioning software, which automatically uploads preset system-tuning parameters from the absolute encoder at start-up.
Moog Industrial Group, Jameson Rd., East Aurora, NY 14052, (800) 272-6664,

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