Motion System Design

Electrical actuator replaces hydraulic gating

Injection molding applications typically use hydraulic valve manifolds and power systems for valve gate control and sequencing, but a new electric servo actuator does the same job in a much smaller package. The ServoGate from Tol-O-Matic, Hamel, Minn., eliminates fluid bulk modulus and viscosity changes, to deliver precise gate control in a package measuring less than 7 × 7 in.

It improves shot accuracy and repeatability of injection-molded parts, and has an extended service life, while reducing maintenance and improving throughput. The actuator outputs 500 lb of continuous force, extending to the 500 lb. seat and retracting in under 0.5 sec. The system is water cooled to operate with peak performance at 400°F. Simple point-and-click sequential programming is completed with Windows-based Tol-O-Motion software.

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