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Electrical power standards - Fluke Corp

 Two new electrical power standards — Fluke 6105A and 6100B — improve accuracy and increase voltage-channel current drive for calibrating energy meters which take power from their voltage points.
Both have the same functionality, but the Fluke 6105A’s accuracy — 0.007% (66 ppm) — better matches that of other measurement devices for sinusoidal waveforms. It is specifically designed to provide the accuracy required to verify the performance of secondary standards such as the Radian Research RD and RM range, the Zera EPZ303 and COM 3003; also the MTE (EMH) K2006, Calport 300, SRS PRS PWS and PTS Series products. Waveforms with high harmonic distortion are also delivered with similar accuracy traceable to national and international standards.
Both models meet accuracy requirements of power-quality testing to the IEC 61000-4 Series of standards. The 6100B type tests 0.1 to 2% energy meters, while the 6505A calibrates and type tests secondary standard energy meters and Watthour meters.
The remote-controlled units feature a Microsoft Windows user interface that is accessed through a combination of front panel knobs and buttons, or by connecting a mouse and keyboard. Actions are viewed on a high-resolution, 8-in. TFT display. Status information of all four phases is displayed along with detailed information on current parameters being set or adjusted.
Fluke Corp., Box 9090, Everett, WA 98206, (800) 760-4523,

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