Machine Design

Electrically actuated Ball Valve

The 130 Series of electrically actuated ball valves features the new EA 21 electric actuator.

The EA 21 actuator complements the modular and flexible 546 Series valve, providing a system approach to piping system design. The Series includes polypropylene, PVDF, PVC, and CPVC versions in sizes 3/8 through 2 in. The EA 21 has an integrated emergency manual override and automatic voltage and frequency adjustment for on/off or process-control applications. Additional features include IP67-rated housing with flame-retardant fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene and all-stainless-steel screws. The valve's ISO-Namur connection interface offers flexibility in adding accessories, allowing 10 options in any combination. Options include cycle-time adjustment, current monitoring, cycle-time monitoring, cycle counting, fail-safe, heating element, and position feedback for 4 to 20-mA input.

George Fischer Inc.,
2882 Dow Ave.,
Tustin, CA 92780,
(800) 854-4090,

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